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My name is Joshua Barretto and I’m a BSc Computer Science undergraduate living in the UK. I do a lot of software development in my spare time, and have been developing software since 2009. I have interests in almost every field within computer science, and my various projects and experiments reflect that.


My usual language choices for development include C, C++, Python, Rust, or Vala. I also have ongoing plans to specify and build a compiler for my own language, named ‘Degu’.

Notable Projects

I’ve worked on a variety of personal projects, all of which are released under open-source licenses.


Tupai is a POSIX-like operating system for the i386 and x86_64 platforms. I decided to start the project due to a desire to learn more about how operating systems work in detail.

You can check out Tupai here.


Vast is a procedural space sim written with C++ and OpenGL. It priorises being technically impressive rather than fun to play. I plan to build an entire procedural galaxy with billions of star systems that can be explored down to metre-by-metre detail without loading screens.

You can check out Vast here.


Emul8or is an emulator for the CHIP-8 system written in Vala. It is capable of playing almost all CHIP-8 games, and comes with several configuration options.

You can check out Emul8or here.


Vulcan is a responsive, unique text editor written with Vala and GTK 3. It tries to bridge the gap between IDE and text editor, providing tools like syntax highlighting, a built-in command prompt, multi-file editing, more advanced edit detection, and an efficient interface.

You can check out Vulcan here.


If you want to contact me, you can do so in the following ways:

An image generated by SDF Test, a minor raytracing project of mine